About the Firm

Lodged in the historical Villa Svezia – the residence of Sophie Marie Victoria of Baden, Queen of Sweden, from 1920 to 1930 – the Gambino Law Firm is located in Via dei Tre Orologi, North of the Villa Borghese park, in Rome.    

Since its foundation in 1969 and through its over forty-year long track record, the Gambino Law Firm has been mainly dealing with the legal aspects of civil and commercial law and more specifically of corporate, insurance, bankruptcy, banking and industrial law. Although it is open to new forms of practicing the legal profession, reaching out into different areas of competence, the Gambino Law Firm has maintained a traditional structure. Its main feature is the high-level technical training and academic expertise of its professional associates, who are capable of solving complex legal issues also arising from the chaotic intertwining of national and European legislation.

Relying on a pool of a dozen attorneys, in addition to external counsel, the Gambino Law Firm has its registered offices in Rome (on Via dei Tre Orologi 14/a) although it also offers legal advice and assistance in the city of Milan. The Firm's attorneys – whose professional profiles can be consulted on the Firm's Website – have matured their established experience by providing legal advice and representation in court and extra-judicial proceedings to major Italian public and private Groups as well as to small and medium-sized companies.  


In collaboration with external counsel, the Gambino Law Firm also practices in the area of Italian administrative law before the Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale (Regional Administrative Court) and the Council of State, providing advisory services and extrajudicial representation to leading State-owned Enterprises. The Gambino Law Firm also provides legal representation before the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court.


The Firm's single lawyers or interdisciplinary groups of lawyers provide advice in out-of-court settlements in different areas of legal practice. The Gambino Law Firm hinges upon a flexible structure capable of offering legal advisory services also to large international Law Firms in handling issues related to international commercial law. It can boast having rendered legal advice to top-ranking Italian and international corporate groups in their corporate restructuring and reorganizing efforts and in drafting commercial contracts regulated under both Italian and international law. 


The Gambino Law Firm has also provided advice and representation to important corporate groups in proceedings before the Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni, the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, the Anti-trust Authority, as well as the Istituto per la vigilanza sulle assicurazioni private e di interesse collettivo, the Insurance Companies Supervisory Authority.  


The Gambino Law Firm is a professional association comprising Agostino Gambino, Professor emeritus of Rome's University La Sapienza and founder of the Law Firm, Alberto Gambino, Barrister of the Supreme Court and tenured professor at the European University of Rome, and Francesco Gambino, Barrister of the Supreme Court and tenured professor at the University of Macerata, both of who also teach at the Post-Graduate School for Legal Practitioners of their respective Universities.